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This page give you access to those research reports we have permission to publish, however they do not give a complete picture of all the research involving primary care across the BNSSG cluster. So if you do have a project and would like to find out more information about the previous research in our area then please contact Jess Pooley on .

Full text reports available

Nancarrow S, Enderby P, Ariss S, Smith T, Booth A, Campbell M, Cantrell A, Parker S The Impact of Enhancing the Effectiveness of Interdisciplinary Working

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Rates of psychopathology in long-term survivors of early childhood brain tumours


Clark EM, Gould VC, Morrison L, Masud T, Tobias J Determinants of fracture risk in a UK-population-based cohort of older women: a cross-sectional analysis of the Cohort for Skeletal Health in Bristol and Avon (COSHIBA)

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Fiander ER Women’s views on re-commencing smoking post-partum and the services available to help them to stop

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Gould VC, Wylde V, Smith AJ, Blom AW Patient-reported history of leg ulceration 12–16 years after total primary knee or hip replacement

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McCracken LM, BoichatC, Eccleston C (2012) Training for General Practitioners in opioid prescribing for chronic pain based on practice guidelines: a randomized pilot and feasibility trial

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Eccles MP Improving the delivery of care for patients with diabetes through the optimised organisation of primary care

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Wallace LM, Turner A, Kosmala-Anderson J, Sharma S, Jesuthasan J, Bourne C, Realpe A Co-creating Health: Evaluation of first phase

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VanDeVenter E (2012) Artshine: Arts on referral – impacts and influences on successful outcomes. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

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2011 Psychological Advocacy towards healing: pilot for an individually, randomised parallel group controlled trial to determine if a psychological intervention delivered by domestic violence advocates is effective and cost - effective


Ellen Rule Decision making in the Context of Commissioning in an English Clinical Commissioning Group

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Andrew Lovering Population Surveillance of Panton-Valentine Leukocidin-producing Staphylococcus aureus and Community-Associated MRSA in Plymouth and Bristol.

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Liz Lloyd, Michael Calnan, Ailsa Cameron, Jane Seymour, Randall Smith, Kate White (2011) Maintaining Dignity in Later Life: a longitudinal qualitative study of older people’s experiences of support and care.

Full text - Economic and Social Research Council End of Award Report

Purdy, S. et al. (2012) Interventions to reduce unplanned hospital admission:a series of systematic reviews. Final Report June 2012. University of Bristol, University of Cardiff, National Institute for Health Research

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Stuart McClean and Lesley Wye (2012) A Service Evaluation of Alexander Technique Lessons for Pain Clinic Patients (SEAT): an Approach to Pain Management

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Heaver E, Keogh E, Wainwright D, Eccleston C (2010) A study on sickness certification for patients with chronic pain in general practice; exploring the construction of acceptable pain-related work absence. Report on study findings for ethics committee and R&D partners.

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Eames KTD, Tilston NL, White PJ, Adams E, Edmunds WJ. The impact of illness and the impact of school closure on social contact patterns. Health Technology Assess 2010;14(34):267–312

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Hunter DJ, Perkins NS, Bambra C, Marks L, Blackman T, Hopkins T, et al. Partnership Working and the Implications for Governance: issues affecting public health partnerships. Final report. NIHR Service Delivery and Organisation programme; 2010

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Cramer et al. (2011) Group cognitive behavioural therapy for women with depression: pilot and feasibility study for a randomised controlled trial using mixed methods. BMC Psychiatry, 11:82

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Abstracts available only

Wiles N, Thomas L, Abel A, Ridgway N, Turner N, Campbell J, Garland A, Hollinghurst S, Jerrom B, Kessler D, Kuyken W, Morrison J, Turner K, Williams C, Peters T, Lewis GCognitive behavioural therapy as an adjunct to pharmacotherapy for primary care based patients with treatment resistant depression: results of the CoBalT randomised controlled trial

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Carroll C, Watson P, Spoudeas H, Hawkins M, Walker D, Holland A, Ring H. (2011) Long term psychiatric and cognitive sequelae in adult survivors of a brain tumour in infancy. Report of results for collaborating organisations.

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Patel G (2013) Investigation of the psychosocial impact and experiences of breast cancer in Black, South Asian and Caucasian women.

Summary of final report


2012 Publication:

Burton C, Price D, Lester H, Campbell S, Keeley D, Gruffydd-Jones K, Hoskins G, Pinnock H (2012), Qualitative exploration and quantitative validation of the Royal College of Physician’s three questions for assessment of asthma control (RCP3Qs) when used in the Quality and Outcome Framework indicator pilot 2009/10. Primary Care Respiratory Journal 2012; 21

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Publications for 2007 to 2008 for ProMPT (Northern Prostate Cancer Collaborative) (Extracted from NCRI Prostate Cancer Collaborative (PCC) Grant Annual Report, January 2008)

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