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About evidence

In the NHS we are familiar with working within a constrained financial environment. Using evidence to back up our decisions means we have a better chance of getting things right first time. Put simply, using evidence takes the guesswork out of knowing what works. APCRC has a role in supporting NHS commissioners to access and use the best available evidence for better decision-making. A good starting place is Evidence Works nhsevidencetoolkit.net. This is a joint initiative, developed by APCRC with support from the WEAHSN and CLAHRC West. Dip in and see how it can help you (please also refer to Evaluation Works nhsevaluationtoolkit.net).

As well as supporting access to available evidence, APCRC also works closely with our university colleagues who are generating new research. We work to support dissemination of new research findings into practice and also feed potential research questions from practice into academia. The Knowledge Mobilisation initiative facilitates the aim of ‘research informed commissioning’ and ‘commissioning informed research’, to make the best use of research funding for better outcomes.  APCRC are working to influence a culture where evidence informed commissioning becomes part of routine practice. Evidence informed commissioning should fit within an organisation’s wider cultural landscape, to become ‘the way things are done’. The organisation’s ‘culture’ represents beliefs, values, practices and behaviour. It is complex and can influence whether an evidence informed approach to commissioning is adopted; it also shapes the form it takes. More about culture and knowledge mobilisation can be found here nhsevidencetoolkit.net/evidence-culture. To find out more about our partnership with University of Bristol to improve knowledge mobilisation, here’s a video.