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Dr Peter Brindle, Research and Development Programme Director
introduces Avon Primary Care Research Collaborative

Welcome to the Avon Primary Care Research Collaborative website.

The Avon Primary Care Research Collaborative has been responsible for everything to do with primary care research, across the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire area since 2003. Over the last three years it has expanded its remit to lead on supporting service evaluation. Our twin aims are first to build our portfolio of NHS-relevant research through close working with colleagues from local universities and second, to ensure that high quality evaluation is routinely considered as part of every commissioning cycle.

How are we achieving these aims? More people are participating in studies across our area than equivalent areas elsewhere in the UK. The new APCRC host organisation, NHS Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group, holds the second largest portfolio of National Institute for Health Research in the country. Regarding evaluation, an APCRC-developed structured support tool has been adopted by the CCGs so that evaluation is now explicitly considered as part of commissioning plans and there are now more services being formally evaluated than ever before.

The Health and Social Care bill, coupled with a ring-fenced and increasing national budget for health research, presents considerable opportunities to build on our success and to benefit our patients and the wider NHS. Building effective relationships with the three local Clinical Commissioning Groups to help them deliver their new duty to “promote research and innovation and the use of research evidence” is our new focus. We have a ‘Research and Evidence Lead’ working part time in each area to help us achieve this.

Meeting these strategic aims depends upon the APCRC's continued commitment to highest levels of service, so if you have any ideas on what we can do better, please let us know. We want to hear from you.

Dr Peter Brindle, Research and Development Programme Director